0-100W 1.6-30M OLED Display Screen Mini Shortwave Power Standing Wave Meter SWR

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1.6-30MHz 0-100W SWR Meter Mini Size HF Standing Wave Ratio Meter with 2.23"OLED Screen

The hardware of OLED Mini standing wave meter adopts 2.23-inch 128 * 32 resolution orange OLED screen as the display screen, which is served by mega32 of AVR, MCU, built-in polymer lithium battery with capacity of 350 Ma and 8.4v, 5V (Micro-USB) charging. The standing wave detection part adopts three magnetic ring detection circuit and M-type (sl16) connector. Volume: length 118.5mm * width 35mm * height 26mm (maximum size).
OLED Mini standing wave meter software, which modifies the nonlinearity of diode by 1024 point interpolation algorithm, and has the ability to display standing wave, peak forward power PF, peak reverse power PR, average forward power AF and average reverse power Ar at the same time. The use frequency is 1.6mhz ~ 30MHz, and the maximum measurement power is 100W.

Usage Method:
The left m base of the standing wave meter is the input terminal (connected to the radio station), and the right m base is the output terminal (connected to the antenna). Turn the power switch on the right side of the standing wave meter.
When the standing wave meter starts up, first display the world map, then display the version number and the percentage value of battery voltage, and then enter the main measurement interface. At this time, if there is a signal, the standing wave and corresponding power value will be displayed.

The charging LED indicates that it is always on during charging and goes out after charging. In case of input overvoltage, output undervoltage and overvoltage, output short circuit and timeout of charging time, it flashes at the frequency of 1.6hz. Do not charge your wife after the battery port is exhausted. If the battery is exhausted and the standing wave meter cannot be started for charging, the red LED indicator in the charging port will be dark. At this time, do not unplug the charging plug. After a few minutes, plug and unplug the charging plug several times. When the charging light is normal brightness, it will enter the normal charging state.

Frequency range: 1.6mhz ~ 30MHz
Power error: ± 5%
Maximum measuring power: 100W
Maximum display power: 138w
Standing wave display range 1.0 ~ 10
Insertion loss: Less than 0.1dB
Impedance: 50 Ω
Display screen: 2.23 inch 128 * 32 resolution orange OLED screen
RF connector: sl16-kf (m-kf) female seat
Charging port: 5V (Micro-USB) 200mA
Power consumption: Less than 50 MA (average)
Battery: 8.4v350 Ma polymer lithium battery
Material: Metal
colour: silver

Note: The standing wave meter is assembled by DIY, and it is inevitable that the appearance will be flawed.

Package Included:
1 x OLED Mini standing wave meter
1 x Charging Cable

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