10-55V 60A PWM Control Reversible DC Motor Speed Controller 3KW Digital Display

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10-55V 60A PWM Control Reversible DC Motor Speed Controller 3KW Digital Display

1: The controller with a LED display which can show the duty cycle from 1-100%.
2: Larger current, max current up to 60A, continuous operating current of up to 30A.
3: Reversing control motor by relay, can withstand higher current.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Power requirement: DC 10-55V
Rated current: 30A (Max output current: 60A)
Frequency: 15kHZ
Control Motor Power: 0.01-3000W,
12V: 720W(max), 24V: 1440W(max) ,
36V: 2160W(max), 48V: 2880W(max),
50V: 3000W(max).
Standby current: 0.01A
Regulation range: 0-100%
Size: 120 * 96 * 28 mm / 4.72 * 3.78 * 1.1 inches

1. Please allow 1-3mm difference due to manual measurement.
2. There are one rocker switch and one potentiometer on the controller. The rocker switch is a reversal switch. The pot has five wires, two as the power switch, three as the pot. Turn the pot to the mini end, the controller will be powered off.
3. The power switch is on, the controller is powered on. The power switch off, the motor will be brake.
4. Position "I" is forward, position "O" is stop, Position "II" is backward. When turn the rocker switch from position "I" or "II" to "O", the motor will be brake in 1s.
When you turn the pot, the motor change the speed.

Package Included:
1x DC Motor Speed Controller

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