12V-24V 60A PWM Solar Charge Controller Interface LCD Display Solar Regulators

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1. Solar Battery,This Solar controller can automatically manage the working of solar panel and battery in solar system. It is easy to set up and operate. For protecting the lifespan of your battery, once the voltage of the battery drop below 8V, the solar charge controller will turn off automatically (LCD will be unavailable at the same time).It's an very Intelligent unit for solar panel!
2. Multiple Electric Protection: NOTE: If the solar charge controller is set to 12V, when the battery voltage reaches 14.4V or 14.5V, the solar charge controller will stop charging and play a protective role. If it does not enter the floating state, please don't worry, the solar charge controller has a voltage limit value, will be not charge if the battery voltage reaches to 14.4V or 14.5V.
3. Easy to install and Operate: Solar controller can clearly indicate the status and data, it can be conveniently switched modes and parameter configuration. Install the solar charge controller to the battery as close as possible to avoid voltage dropping caused by over long wires and affect normal voltage judgment.
4. Good Heat Dissipation: Dual reverse current protection, low heat production. ALL electronic components generate heat when they are running, it is better to shelter them for better heat dissipation, avoid direct sunlight exposure or damp place.
5. The regulator is only suitable for lead acid batteries: OPEN,AGM, GEL

Maximum charge current:60A
Maximum discharge current:60A
System voltage:12V /24V
The maximum voltage of the solar panel input:50V(12V /24V)
Battery overpressure protection:15V/30V/60V
Increase the charge:14.4V/28.8V/57.6V The battery voltage is below 12V/24V/48V Start extra charge for 2 hours

Charge Regulator Function:
1.Large LCD display
2.Support light control and time control
3.System voltage 12V/24V automatic identification
4.Intelligent PWM charging mode
5.Battery reverse discharge protection
6.Battery overvoltage protection
7.Battery undervoltage protection
8.Dual bottom design, easy to setup

This product is a very high quality PWM controller, whether it is from the function or from the material, it is worthwhile, different from other cheap PWM controllers on the market.
The regulator is only suitable for lead acid batteries: OPEN,AGM, GEL
For safety reasons, 60A controllers do not have USB charging ports!!

Package Included:
1 * Solar controller unit
1 * Detailed User manual

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