60A MPPT AUTO Solar Charge Controller Charger 12V/24V/48V with Color LCD Display

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MTTP solar charger controller,which has the Max Power Point Target Function,is suitable to be used in the battery or batteries pack solar energy charginf and load charginf control.
it is suitable for off-grid solar energy system witch wide voltage.
MTTP solar charge controller,combine the most advance charging technology with high effciency & professional battery maintenance technology
has numbers programming options,perfect protection function & intuitive LCD display.

1. 12V/24V/48V voltage automatic switching,12V/24V/48V Auto identifying system voltage with high tracking efficiency up to 99% and peak Conversion efficiency of 98%.Applicable range of system voltage:12V-80V.Max Input Power: 480W/12V, 960W/24V,1600W/48V. Max input Voltage: 80V.
2. Multiple protection,Over charge,Deep discharge,Short-circuit,Battery Open circuit,Overheat temperature,Battery overpressure over current protection.
3. Support for 4 type Battery charging: Lead-acid (Sealed, AGM, Gel, Flooded) and User ( Lithium Battery).
4. Multiple applications: solar RV, household system and industrial field monitoring, etc.
5. LCD color-screen: operation interface, parameter setting, fault message and other contents are displayed,It is convenient for you to grasp the controller status in real time.

Charging Current:60A
System Voltage:12V 24V 48V
Max.Solar Power Input:720W/1440W/2880W
MPPT Voltage:12VModule Current:Max.60V
Environment Temperature:-20℃~+40℃
Battery Type: Lead-acid (Gel, Sealed, Flooded) and Lithium battery.
Product Size:193×227×58mm

Over charge protection
Deep discharge protection
Short-circuit protection
Battery Open circuit protection
Overheat temperature protection
Battery overpressure over current protection

This product is a basic MPPT controller, which is a high quality product. But this controller does not have a communication interface, so it may be a little different from the "pure MPPT controller", it is a simplified version of the MPPT controller, please know before you purchase.

Package Included:
1 * Solar controller unit
1 * Detailed User manual

Warranty Period:1 Years
Return:Goods can be returned within 60 days of receipt
24-Hour Support:Customer service throughout the day

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