6dBi Helium Hotspot Miner Outdoor Glass LoRa Antenna 42cm for RAK Nebra Bobcat

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1. This is 915MHZ antenna that can be used indoors and outdoors, Industrial Grade Construction, Durable Fiberglass Radome, Excellent waterproof performance and high temperature resistance. The antenna has a female-to-RP-SMA connector cable, so it can be easily connected to the gateway and all other helium miners. The antenna can be used in any environment where long-range LoRa connectivity is required, for agriculture, environmental monitoring, urban surveillance
2. Compatible with HNT RAK Helium Hotspot Miner V2 V1 Bobcat Miner 300 syncrob it Dragino LPS8 MatchX M2 Pro Longfi LoRaWAN 915 MHz
3. At the same time we use RG58 coaxial extension cable, This is a high-value cable with ultra-low loss performance.
4. If it is used outdoors, we recommend that you install it in an open place, if it is used indoors, we recommend placing this inside near a window. If there is no change in the signal when using this antenna for the first time, please turn off the power of your device, then plug in the antenna, and then turn on the power again.
5.Attached with 3G signal segment

Frequency: 860-930 MHz
Colors: Gray
Antenna gain: 6-7 dBi
Efficiency: 鑴?0%
Radiation mode: omnidirectional
Maximum input power: 鑴?2W
Polarization: line polarization / vertical
Impedance: 50 Ohm
Cooler material: CU
FRP (white light)
Antenna Connector type: N-type Male
Antenna length: 42cm / 16.53inches
Extension Cable Connector type: N Female-to-RP-SMA
Cable length: 3m (9.84 ft)
Polarization Vertical
Radome Body Fiberglass

Package Included:
1* Helium Hotspot Miner Antenna
1* N Female-to-RP-SMA Extension Cable3m (9.84 ft)
1* Adapter Kits

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