7" Screen Vector Network Analyzer SV4401A 50KHz-4.4GHz 100Db Dynamic NanoVNA

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1: The circuit design and chip of this version comply with international certification standards, and it has FCC and CE certification.
2: 50khz-4.4ghz handheld vector network analyzer,Compact size makes it portable; fast to work accurately.
3: 7" IPS featured LCD screen, capacitive touch to control,1001 scan points: present more measurement details and avoid missing key information.
4: 100db dynamic range: Well-designed front RF circuitry has an optimized noise floor to ensure accurate and reliable measurements.
5: Built-in 18650 lithium battery endurance time reach 4 hours,Powered through USB Type-C interface. 5v/2a charger is recommended.
6: Built-in 8GB memory card to store calibration status, screenshots and snp files.
7: 50K-4.4GHz Frequency Range: Frequency ranges covered include MF/LF/HF/VHF/UHF; It can measure all kinds of antennas and filters, amplifiers, attenuators, cables, duplexers, couplers, etc.
8: 4 buttons + capacitive touch to complete the whole operation. All-metal packaging can effectively shield electromagnetic interference.
9: One-handed operation mode is enabled Ergonomically designed with back support,The excitation power is adjustable from.
10: 42dbm to -12dbm. Suitable for measuring the input impedance of amplifiers,N-type interface makes the product stable and durable.
11: With TDR function, this device can be used to measure cable lengths and check cable breaks.
12: Variable IF bandwidth: 7 kinds of IF bandwidth are available, of which large bandwidth is suitable for fast scanning, and small bandwidth can significantly reduce measurement noise.
13: Large Capacity Storage: Equipped with 12 save/recall slots, which can quickly save/recall the calibration state.
14: It also supports to save the calibration status as a file. The amount of storage is limited only by the memory card capacity.
15: Support logarithmic amplitude, phase-frequency diagram, group delay, smith, polar coordinates, linear amplitude, vswr, real part/imaginary part, resistance/reactance, quality factor and other display formats
16: Quickly adjust start and stop frequencies, electrical delay, excitation energy, sweep points and average coefficients.
17: Virtual U Disk Function: Use a USB Type-C data cable to connect to your computer to access the files on the memory card (can't take screenshots in this mode). This method can also be used for firmware upgrade.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Frequency Range: 50KHz-4.4GHz
Output Power From RF: -42dBm to -12dBm (step 1dB)
RF Interface Form: N-type female connector (with N to SMA adapter)
RF Input Power: 0dBm Max (DC < 5v)
Frequency Accuracy: < 1ppm (<140MHz); < 5kHz (>140MHz)
S21 Dynamic Range: 75dB<3GHZ禄 60dB (>3GHZ)
S11 Dynamic Range: 50dB (<3GHZ); 40dB (>3GHZ)
Sweep Points: 1001 (can be set to 101-1001)
Scan Speed: 400 dots/second (f>140MHz)
If Bandwidth: 12.5KHZ by default (optional 6.25k/3.12k/1k/300hz/100hz/30hz)
Smoothing: Arithmetic mean (average coefficient: 1-25times)
Number Of Traces: 7 (4 measurement traces, 2 reference traces, 1 TDR trace)
Number Of Markers: 8
Calibration State Storage Number: 12 groups (supports file storage to internal memory card)
Storage Capacity: Built-in 8GB memory card
Display: 7" high brightness IPS LCD screen (resolution: 1024x600)
Operation Mode: capacitive touch + physical button
Local Screenshot: support
Power Consumption: 5w
Battery Life: 4 hours (50% screen brightness)
Battery: Two built-in 18650 lithium batteries (3.6v/3350mah x 2)
Charging/Data Interface: USB Type-C
Charging Voltage: 4.7V~5.5V (5V/2A charging recommended)
Power Supply Output: USB 5V/1A
Working Temperature: 0忙~45忙
Dimensions: 190x130x30mm/7.5x5.1x1.2" (no RF interface size)
Main Unit Weight: 1.15kg/2.5lb

Firmware upgrade method: Connect the computer with a data cable, press and hold Ctrl and turn it on, click the Udisk of Yawang,
you will see a USB flash drive on the computer, copy the upgrade file to the USB flash drive, overwrite the original file, shut down,
press and hold Ctrl to turn on the A dialog box will pop up, click Upgrade, wait for the completion, and then shut down and then restart.

1.Please allow 1-3mm difference due to manual measurement.
2.The color might be a little different from the actual product due to color display of different monitors.

Package Included:
1 x SV4401A Machine
2 x N Male to SMA Female Adapter
1 x SMA Open/Short/Load Calibration Kit
2 x SMA Female to SMA Female Connector
1 x SMA Male to SMA Male Connector
2 x 50cm/19.7" RG316 Cables
1 x USB Type-C Data Cable
1 x Storage bag
1 x Capacitive Touch Pen
1 x Mirror Cloth


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