Fuel Gas Tank Cap For Suzuki GS 650/850/1000/1100 E G GL GS450 GS550 GS750 79-86

SKU: LockGas-S03

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-Original looking aftermarket fuel cap, with the same specification as the OEM.
-The OEM style tank cap is the same as the tank cap and can be easily mounted as a replacement.
-It is a cheap tank cap with tank lock and 2 keys in good quality, identical in construction to the original part.

Condition: Aftermarket 100% Brand New
Material: Metal, plastic
Color: Silver
Placement on Vehicle: Front

Replacement Part Number:

Fits Models:
This is a rectangular tank cap. Some of these models were manufactured with round caps.
Please compare your tank and cap to the photos above to make sure you need a rectangular cap before purchase.

Fit for Suzuki GS300L 1982-1985
Fit for Suzuki GS450GA Automatic 1983-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS450L 1983-1988
Fit for Suzuki GS450T 1981-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS450TX 1981-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS550T 1981
Fit for Suzuki GS550L 1981-1986
Fit for Suzuki GR650/GR650XD Tempter 1983
Fit for Suzuki GS650E 1981-1982
Fit for Suzuki GS650G 1981-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS650GL 1981-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS750L 1979
Fit for Suzuki GS750E 1980-1982
Fit for Suzuki GS750T 1982-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS850G 1979-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS850GL 1979-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS1000L 1979
Fit for Suzuki GS1000 1979
Fit for Suzuki GS1000E 1979-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS1000S Katana 1979-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS1000G 1980-1981
Fit for Suzuki GS1000GL 1980-1981
Fit for Suzuki GS1100L 1980
Fit for Suzuki GS1100E 1980-1981
Fit for Suzuki GS1100G 1982-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS1100GL 1982-1983
Fit for Suzuki GS1100GK 1982-1984
Fit for Suzuki GS1100GK2 1982-1984

(Compatibility Chart is for Reference ONLY!!!)
(Please Compare with Your faulty unit and the image we provided to Decide Fitment)

Package includes:
1x Fuel Gas Cap Lock
2x Keys

The product on offer is an accessory or spare part and thus is not an original product of the vehicle manufacturer.
The name of the vehicle manufacturer is stated only as an indication of the determination of the product being offered as an accessory or spare part, to clarify, for which vehicle the product on offer fits.

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