Solid Mechanical Roller Lifters Vertical Link Bar for Chevy GM 265-400 LR-350A Generic

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1.Designed for maximum 300 PSI Spring seat pressure.
2.Racing application potential to Maximum RPM 8,000.
3.800 PSI Spring Open Pressure.
4.8620 Chrome Molly Steel Body for Racing Application and High Performance.
5.9310 Steel Alloy Roller Wheels withstand tough impact, high RPM, and 800 lbs Open Spring Pressure.
6.52100 Bearing Steels with Micro-polished and Micro-sized Needles from CNC machine and Micro-sorted.
7.Seats are designed properly fits 5/16" & 3/8" push rod balls.
8.Stainless Steel Link Bar linked two lifters together.

Condition: 100% Brand New
Manufacturer Part Number: LR-350A 265-400

For Chevy SBC 350 265 - 400 Roller Lifter Details
For Chevrolet small block 265 1955-1957 4.3L
For Chevrolet small block 283 1957-1967 4.6L
For Chevrolet small block 327 1962-1969 5.4L
For Chevrolet small block 350 1967-2003 5.7L
For Chevrolet small block 302 1967-1969 4.9L
For Chevrolet small block 307 1968-1973 5.0L
For Chevrolet small block 400 1970-1981 6.6L

Package Include:
A set of 16 pieces from 8 pairs with two lifter linked with Stainless Steel Vertical Link Bar.


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