Upgraded V1.10D Malachite Receiver SDR DSP Noise Reduction Full Mode 50KHz-2GHz

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Version 1.10d adds the following functions based on 1.10c:
1. Cancel the audio encoder short press to exit the menu function, the original function will not be affected in the menu interface, you can still adjust parameters such as volume or switch items, but only use the frequency encoder to short press to exit the menu.
2. In the menu interface, use the frequency encoder to adjust the project parameters.
3. Menu adjustment, add EMI Reduction, WF GAMMA mode setting (WF GAMMA), remove the screen off setting after LCD sleep (SLEEP TIME).

1. The PCB adopts a 4-layer board structure, which has better performance.
2. The shell and the shielding cover are double shielded, and the shielding effect is better.
3. The display screen is optimized, the touch chip is replaced, and the touch is more sensitive
4. Use mature cavity dual-diaphragm speakers, the sound effect is better
5. Battery circuit optimization, no standby power consumption, more durable battery
6. Select high-quality crystal oscillator to improve performance.
7. Improve the charging circuit to solve the problem that the battery cannot be charged and cannot be turned on.
8. The radio is originally built based on the SDR, and the function is determined by the loaded software.
9. Frequency range from 50kHz to 250MHZ and 400MHz to 2GHz (registered upgrade version)
10. So types of analog modulation. AM SSB (LSB USB) NFM WFM
11: Powerful. Variable Filter Width, Adaptive Noise Suppressor, Threshold Noise Suppressor, Noise Bianker AGC Equalizer
12. Use the fully functional chip MSI001
13. The powerful STM32h743 with a clock frequency of 480MHz is applied.
14. 3.5-inch IPS display with touch,
15. There is a built-in UHF.
16. Controls 2 encoders with buttons and touch screen.
17. The power supply is powered by the external TYPE-C interface, which can be charged by the TYPE-C interface.
18. The current consumption in headphone mode is 300mA.
19. Built-in receiver module to improve HF reception on the antenna, an add-on board with source follower has been developed, the add-on board will be built into the standard receiver design.
20. Link to computer via USB, can transmit CAT, IQ and audio
21.160kHz span, with scalability.
22. Sensitivity, up to 250MHz, 0.3μV=10dB at s/w.
23. Due to the characteristics of the MSI001 chip used, the dynamic blocking range is about 85dB.
24. SMA female antenna socket.
25.Voltage: 5V

Simple operation instructions:
1.HARD (setting): EN1, EN2: The direction of addition and subtraction of the two encoders is reversed. V bat/power display: S standard, L low voltage. SW ante/shortwave antenna selection: 50ohm 50ohm/Hi-z high impedance. ATT attenuator: the same as the transceiver. LNA/MIX, MIX GR: Do not open the functions that the current machine (including the original version) does not have, otherwise the gain and sensitivity will be greatly reduced! RF GAIN/RF gain: The same as the transceiver, when it is set at about 20, the sensitivity is the best. PREAMP/Pre-amplifier: Same as transceiver. F correct/frequency correction: Use as needed. Sm correct/S table correction: Use as needed.
Time setting: Press and hold HARD to enter the time setting, then press the volume encoder to increase or decrease the number, and press inward to switch. When done, press and hold the encoder and release it when a "beep" sound is heard.
2.AUDIO (audio): NB/spark noise Thes/start control value and Config/setting value; I have always set these two to 2, you can try it yourself. NB/Switch: Dis on/Ena off. AGC/Auto Gain Control. AGC LIN/AGC peak: experimental adjustment. MANUAL/MANUAL CONTROL: Experimental adjustment. AGC MODE/AGC Mode: Relevant, Fast, Normal, Slow, Very Slow. EQ (Equalizer) EQ TYPE/Equalizer switch and selection: click first, then use the volume encoder to open and select; there are light music, live, club, rock, bass, jazz, pop, language. WFM Stereo/FM Stereo: Headphones only. NR/DSP Noise Reduction Thes/Setting Value: Set according to the sense of hearing. SQL Thes/settings. SQL switch.
3.VISUAL (screen effect) BRIGHT MIN/minimum brightness: 20. BRIGHT MAX/Maximum brightness: 100. REDUCT TIME/Reduce time: 0 sec/0 seconds. SLEEP TIME/Sleep time: 300 sec/sec. LCD SLEEP/Backlight sleep switch: D/On, E/Off. FFT ave/spectral averaging speed: 50. FFT scale/spectrum display range: 50. FFT color/spectral color: four. Pan percent/spectral pan %: 70. WTF delay/spectral reflection delay: 0. WTF Gain/Spectrum reflection gain: 0dB. FFT fill/spectral fill: D/On, E/Off.
4.MODE is the same as that of the transceiver, and its Decoder is a CW decoding switch. After opening, under the frequency, there is a small white bar. After opening, "Min SNR/Minimum Level" appears: adjust as needed to make decoding more accurate.
5.BAND (Band) Band key, you can switch the band, but also memory selection. The memory is divided into 5 pages, 10 per page; it can be arbitrarily stored in a certain memory. for invocation. When storing, first adjust the frequency, mode, step, AGC, RF Gain, FLT parameters, PRE and other data, then select the storage page and location, long press the memory box with your finger, and release it after hearing the "beep" sound. .
6. Select frequency step: Press the frequency knob to switch to step mode, and then use the frequency knob to adjust as needed. The minimum step is 10Hz, and the maximum is 30KHz.

Common problem solving:
Q: What should I do if the machine cannot be turned on?
A: MCU does not start,
1) It may be out of power, try charging and recharging
2) Do not connect usb, turn the switch to ON, press the right button to try
3) Turn the switch to OFF, connect the usb to see if it can be turned on
4) If the above attempts do not work, there may be a problem with the program, you can refresh the program again, and you can ask our customer service for program refresh

Package included:
1 x Set of SDR Receiver (with Aluminum Alloy Shell)
1 x Type-c charging cable
1 x Antenna (SMA to M seat)
1 x Screen Cleaning Cloth

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